Honda Goldwing 2012

goldwing 1 Honda Goldwing 2012
The legendary Honda Goldwing is renewed by 2012, a model that has already reached the Japanese signature dealers and is priced at a price of 33,000 euros, although this amount may vary in certain autonomous communities according to the specific level of taxes.

The new Goldwing now looks new outside lines, which are able to harmonize the transition between the front and rear, conveying a more dynamic image. Another novelty is that now includes the electronic gadgets of last generation, starting with a powerful GPS navigation system with an Internet connection that allows sharing the best routes with friends and other motorists. The Goldwing also incorporates now interface MP3/iPod to the new system of SRS CS Auto ™ audio surround-sound, which offers a listening experience that you maravillará.

goldwing 2 Honda Goldwing 2012
But still more, the 2012 Goldwing has also increased the load carrying capacity, offering greater protection aerodynamics, suspensions have been optimized to improve the comfort of road and now offers comfort without precedent for both driver and front passenger. With regard to safety, highlights the ABS system and exclusive airbag, which confirm the Goldwing as one of the two-wheeled machines more advanced of the moment.