Piaggio X 2012

piaggio x10 2012 Piaggio X10 2012
Piaggio presents the new Piaggio X 10 which will arrive in dealerships next year. It is a scooter branded as Gran Turismo to be offered in three with cubic capacities: 125, 350 and 500 cc.

All with cubic capacities share design and part cycle, but each of them has a different engine that allows you to reach a large number of potential buyers. Of 125 is for riders seeking a content consumption with good feature, while the 500 is for those who want to have a big engine bike without giving up comfort.

The engine is in any case single SOHC cooled by liquid. The exact with cubic capacities are as follows: 492 cm³, 330 cm³ and 124 cm³. The change is CVT and clutch centrifugal multi disc oil bath.

piaggio x10 20126 Piaggio X10 2012
Brake front is of double disc 280 mm in diameter and with two piston caliper. The rear is 240 mm in diameter and double piston caliper disc. The front wheel is 120/70 15 and rear 150/70 13.

It is 2.25 meters long, seat height 0.76 meters and the distance between axes of 1,621 metres. The fuel tank supports 15 litres.

The only thing that we do not know at the moment is both its exact release date and price, so we look forward to inform you about any developments that may arise in this regard.